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Thursday Afternoon, June 28, 2018

3:50-5:30 PM

3:50-4:10 PM: Rut Zaks-Ohayon, Michal Pinhas, & Joseph Tzelgov

Zero or nothing? Perceiving empty frames as null numerosity


4:10-4:30 PM: Grégoire Borst, Margot Roell, & Arnaud Viarouge

Decimal number and cognitive control in children and adults


4:30-4:50 PM: Reuven Babai, Ruth Stavy, & Shlomit Arian

The role of comparison of natural numbers in proportional reasoning


 4:50-5:10 PM: Amandine Van Rinsveld, Mathieu Guillaume, Pierre Jardinet, Christine Schiltz, Wim Gevers, & Alain Content

Tracking the cerebral correlates of numerical and continuous magnitude extraction with a frequency-based approach


 5:10-5:30 PM: Arnold Kochari

Conducting web-based experiments for numerical cognition research



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