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Friday Morning, June 29, 2018

10:30-12:10 AM

10:30-10:50 AM: Nore Wijns, Joke Torbeyns, Merel Bakker, Bert De Smedt, & Lieven Verschaffel

Four-year olds' understanding of repeating and growing patterns in relation to their numerical ability


 10:50-11:10 AM: Merel Bakker, Joke Torbeyns, NoreWijns, Lieven Verschaffel, & Bert De Smedt

Gender equality in four- to five-year-old preschoolers' early numerical competencies


 11:10-11:30 AM:  Elke Sekeris, Lieven Verschaffel, & Koen Luwel

Computational estimation in 5-year-olds: first results of a longitudinal study


 11:30-11:50 AM: Cornelia Rüdisüli, Carolin Burmeister, Sara Siomos, & Bernhard Hauser

Promoting the Linear number representation by 4-year old children through playing number board games – which pre-knowledge is necessary?


 11:50-12:10 AM: Michèle M. M. Mazzocco & Sarah L. Lukowski

Number Word Interpretation, Contextual Sensitivity, and Early Mathematics




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